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AMECAP, the industrial company created in 1991, implanted in the region of Sfax in TUNISIA. We are specialized in the screw-machining of precision on cam lathes, digitally operated tours and machining center. We make a complete range of accessories for sanitary installations and we are able to answering any request of mechanical’s subcontracting and others of high precision. In a perspective of progress and international development, AMECAP aims at creating a place of exchanges and partnership with their foreign and local clientele. AMECAP, also makes a commitment to bring an added value to their customers regarding quality of screw-machining and manufacturing By dint of a recent renewed technology, an approach focused on innovation, precision and efficiency as well as a careful work of our well-qualified employees.


AMECAP makes in subcontracting, and on request, any screw-machined parts in brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum ...whose diameter is between 3 mm and 60 mm according to plans of definition presented by the customer or prepared by our office design and method, while respecting the customer's requirements.

Produits sur catalogue

AMECAP makes a wide standard range of products of sanitary accessories and faucet factory: cartridges, faucets of hunting, heads of faucets, nuts faucet garden, Kit of watering, joins for tube copper, connecting accessories for tube copper, joins for installation gases, joins for compressed air, purgeurs … All these categories of articles are according to the standards international, manufactured by recent high-equipment and checked by a qualified team.

Our strengths

Recent high-technology
Office of method
Equipped with solidworks and spirit and capable of assisting you in design phase of the product
Laboratory of quality control
Equipped with all the ways of necessary measure to satisfy the requirements of our customers in quality term

Amecap in numbers

Number of employees
Production area
35 millions pieces / year
Production capacity